We have been selling Toughbooks and other laptops full time since 2016. Our main focus is on build quality and dependability. This goes from the memory brands and parts we use all the way to the operating system installation. Some sellers will use the cheapest parts they can source because they don’t understand the small details of memory selection such as PC3 & PC3L. To some of them hard drive storage is hard drive storage. They might not care what RPM speed drive is used as long as its the cheapest.

My previous experience was building high availability systems that would run for years without ever being rebooted/restarted. Along with maximizing uptime was specifying the build parts of these systems. This involved selecting the fastest most dependable parts available. This value is passed down to every employee so that we turn out systems that will far exceed your expectations of performance and reliability.

When you receive one of our systems it will come preloaded with the version of Windows you have selected. All of the Panasonic tools and drivers are already installed. We do not include any additional software. Additional software is up to the end user to install. Our systems startup like a brand new Windows computer where you are prompted to finish the installation of Windows.

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